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EnerJize Your Life program + = amazing, long term, HEALTH results!

We've all said it....''I'll start on Monday'' but how many of us actually do? There is never a perfect time to just need to stop making excuses and find the thing that will keep you on course. Once you begin to nourish yourself from the inside out and move your body every day you believe that anything is possible and you’re willing to work for it.

Your health journey starts with self-love and a powerful WHY!

  • Why do you want to lose those extra pounds?
  • Why do you want to fit into your skinny jeans?
  • Why do you want to be a size smaller?
  • Why do you want to get those chiseled abs?
  • Why do you want to gain muscle?
  • Why do you want to increase your overall health and  confidence?

Without a strong WHY, it's very hard to keep up the momentum. You know how it goes, you’re motivated at first, but then the pain is greater than your desire to accomplish your goal. I'm saying this because I've been there....many times and I'm sure you have too.

Those setbacks hurt! That's WHY I created this amazing 30 Day challenge that motivates and guides you to A NEW YOU!
Yes, it will be challenging... but I'm here to help and to be within a community of like minded people all striving to improve their health -
we call it ''Living the Wellvolution''

Our 4 week EnerJ FIT challenge is perfect for:

Getting back into shape, increasing your motivation, taking your FIT to the next level, weight loss, and to increase your overall energy.
It’s not a diet - it's a long-term lifestyle change.

You’ll always have a reason not to start; a party, a birthday, a vacation coming up and we want to be there to help you plan ahead for these events so you make better choices.

The 4 weeks include:

  • 8 EnerJ FIT workouts videos (2 x a week for 30 mins in the comfort of your house and on your own schedule)
  • 4 EnerJ Stretch videos (1 x week in the confort of your house and on your own schedule)
  • Weekly accountability calendar
  • Weekly meal planner based on our EnerJize your life program - balanced meal suggestions, wholesome foods, low glycemic  eating from our nutritionnist partner; Ariane Lavigne 
  • Ebook - complete program guide 25 pages
  • Daily motivation in your inbox everyday!
  • Access to our Facebook EnerJ Community - Motivation, health tips and continuous support!


I am very happy with my progress and commitment to the EnerJ Challenge! I was not able to really master any kind of balancing act between work, being a mom and my own personal goals - but I've realised that that goal was unrealistic. Juggling everything on my plate will be a lifelong challenge that I have the energy and motivation to face and continually work on. The biggest change for me during this challenge was a greater focus on my inner voice and the messages I give myself. I have been making a conscious effort to focus on the positives and be proud of myself for the efforts I have been able to make. I have always been my hardest critic and will probably always set the bar too high but I will stop punishing myself (emotionally) for what I deem to be mediocre achievements. It has not been easy to change the way I think but it has been a great start. Jessica was right, this program has been a great foundation for me to make some lifelong changes...eating well, getting in activity on a regular basis and being kind to myself. I was able to follow the diet pretty well, but getting in the five workouts a week was a challenge. In reality, I was able to get at least three in each of the five weeks and I've lost 7 pounds and 3.5 inches (between my waist and hips). I'm feeling great and going to continue these good habits moving forward. I plan to lose another five but have no timeframe to get that done. I am also planning on running in a 10K race before the Holidays. Thank you so much!

Lesley Lemieux
Toronto, Ontario

I am very proud of myself for completing this challenge. I have more energy than ever before and really love how I look and feel. I had forgotten how to love who I am for who I am. I am proud to say that I lost between 3-5 lbs as a bonus. I enjoyed this challenge so much that I have decided to pursue it until Christmas and who knows perhaps in the new year. Like Jessica says it so well it’s a long term goal change.Thank you Jessica for your daily emails always so positive that brought us here today.

Janique Lagacé
Mont-Tremblant, Qc                 

Find an accountability buddy and sign up today!

This challenge is for you if you are REALLY committed (remember your WHY!)
to making positive lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals.

If you are REALLY READY (there’s that WHY again!) we are here to help you optimize your health.

Step 1:


Please click on the button below to register for the program

4 week program English $49.99+taxes  payable online

Step 2:

What You Need After You Register

Please contact the EnerJ Ambassador that referred you to the 4 week program so that they can personalize the Usana Health Science products for you.

If you are not working with a healthy lifestyle coach (EnerJ Ambassador) you can purchase your Usana Health Sciences products here : Buy Here

Step 3:

Once registered, use the username and password that you received in your e-mail to access EnerJ Academy to receive your eBook, fitness videos, meal plans and how to join the Facebook EnerJ Community.