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Find your FIT in Nature...Outdoor Fitness

Combining - FITNESS , NATURE and FUN

Our bodies are made to walk, run ,climb, crawl, lift, carry, bend, squat, lunge and twist but we all have dominant and weaker muscles that limit our ability to perform in a well balanced manner. Through the EnerJ FIT outdoor fitness approach we concentrate on improving our functional movement habits. You will move in new and unexpected ways through forest and trees, over rocks and hills and on all kinds of terrain while grounding your mind and body.

Using nature’s equipment, we work on the muscles that stabilize the core targeting imbalances to improve posture. We use the HIIT method (high intensity interval training) to improve strength, stamina and performance. And, we incorporate full-body workouts using our own body weight and muscles to optimize our form and function for healthy movement.

EnerJ FIT is a diverse workout to help you optimize the way you move through life so you are always at your peak performance. Raise your hand if you want that!

The Enerj FIT program is perfect for training for your favorite sports, reconnecting with nature, reducing stress, weight management, injury prevention, and of course having FUN with the EnerJ gang!

Take your FIT to the next level and come play outside with us.


Nature is great for stress-reduction. Spending time in nature has been shown to lower stress levels through scent it can decrease stress and increase relaxation.

Getting outside makes you feel more alive. People who exercise outside are more inclined to return for future workouts than those who stick to the gym only.

Nature increases brain function. Being outdoors kicks the brain into high gear helping to increase concentration and creativity.

And let’s not forget about those endorphins!​

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I have been a huge fan of Jessica's since her debut with Cardio Plein Air years ago joining her four-season workouts in the Domaine St Bernard. Unfortunately I had to stop due to a foot injury and four years later with the debut of Enerj.fit videos, I am a huge fan once more. Having the flexibility of following at home with the familiar sights and sounds in the background has inspired me to get moving once again. Enerj.fit videos are easy to follow and always offer high or low impact options.
I look forward to what's next.

Susan Gordon

Take your FIT to the next level 

Join our EnerJ FIT Community!

Registration OPENS on March 2nd, 2020

Fall Schedule

Sept 9 - Nov 25 (12 weeks)

Wednesday 6h15 pm 

Registration & Fees:

1 class per week $240 +tx

jessica@enerj.ca / 819-425-0218


Domaine Saint-Bernard
539 Chemin St Bernard
Mont Tremblant, QC J8E 1T4