Outdoor Fitness EnerJ Re-FIT - Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
outdoor fitness enerj re-fit

Note: This is a gentler version of the EnerJ FIT outdoor fitness program designed specifically to meet your everyday challenges.

For a feel good reboot at any age, any weight and any fitness level.

Everyone has setbacks. Whether it's an injury, chronic pain, pregnancy or crunch time at work you can rebuild your stamina and come out of whatever is holding you back. We get it. We understand the body and what needs to happen for getting back into shape slowly so you feel better and get the results you want.

We get you back to feeling FIT and happy in your body.

This program takes place in a group setting with accountability so your setbacks don’t become excuses and your excuses don’t keep you from becoming healthier and stronger again.

Perfect for:

  • Weight loss
  • Pregnancy or post-natal
  • Recovering from an injury or surgery
  • Getting back into shape
  • Chronic pain sufferers
  • Any sabbatical from exercising that you might have taken

Because we know that no two people and no two bodies are alike, we take into account each individual in our approach to all aspects of your personal fitness goals and aspirations. Remind yourself how much better you can feel!

I have been a huge fan of Jessica's since her debut with Cardio Plein Air years ago joining her four-season workouts in the Domaine St Bernard. Unfortunately I had to stop due to a foot injury and four years later with the debut of Enerj.fit videos, I am a huge fan once more. Having the flexibility of following at home with the familiar sights and sounds in the background has inspired me to get moving once again. Enerj.fit videos are easy to follow and always offer high or low impact options. I look forward to what's next.

Susan Gordon Mont-Tremblant, QC

Fall Schedule

Registration & fees

Fall 2017 Schedule

Duration: 12 Weeks

September 11th - December 1st

Monday 9h30am

Wednesday 6h15pm

Friday 9h30am

Location : Domaine Saint-Bernard

You really want to train with us, however our schedule does not FIT into your busy week or you do not live in Tremblant....that's why we created EnerJ FIT - Your Virtual Gym - click here for the details