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EnerJize Your life

Healthy lifestyle program

Sometimes it’s just easier to let it all go, give into temptation or get lazy about moving our bodies. What if you could find a program that is demanding yet forgiving? A program that makes it hard for you to throw in the towel?

EnerJize your Life is a no-more-excuses Healthy Lifestyle Plan based on a detailed questionnaire that you answer. You provide your personal profile where we take an honest look at your current health standing and habits. We look at the whole picture; diet, exercise, even the stressors and time suckers in your daily routine. We use this information to determine an exercise and eating plan that FITs into your life and we suggest tools to use to help manage time, stress and self-determination so to help set you up for success. Here’s something you can finally do at your own pace under the guidance of experienced, certified professionals who challenge you, hold you accountable to your goals so you enjoy getting into your best shape and health ever.

Use the EnerJize your Life program to conveniently and safely manage all your fitness, health and weight loss goals to create the sustainable changes you seek. Finally, lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime!

What you will learn:

  • How to eat right for YOU!
  • How to make better food choices: superfoods, organic,    glycemic index, good vs. bad fats, nutrient dense foods...
  • Easy, healthy and yes tasty! Recipes for meal planning
  • How to incorporate more fitness and physical activity into    your weekly schedule
  • How to control your emotional eating once and for all!

Perfect to help:

  • increase energy (more sustained energy throughout the day)
  • decrease inflammation
  • ​achieve sustainable weight loss
  • ​improve digestion and elimination
  • ​improve sleep quality
  • ​control and regulate blood sugar levels
  • with glowing skin, shiny hair, healthy nails

VIP Program

  • Daily self-journaling
  • Customized fitness program and schedule
  • Customized meal plans
  • Educational tools
  • Weekly coaching calls - accountability
  • Communicate directly with your coach


  • Access to Facebook EnerJ FIT Community -
      daily support and motivation
  • eBook - program guide
  • Daily e-mails for 5 weeks to keep you motivated
  • eBook healthy shake recipes


Toni Sino - Montreal, Qc

Dino Forgione - Montreal, Qc

1h30 Consultation = $150 

Via Zoom or telephone

Don’t stress out about taking this simple step.
There is no better time than NOW to change your habits and start your health journey with us!

Naomi Lignier - France/Australia

"After having two kids and dealing with winter and bad eating habits my weight had crept up. While I had managed to lose weight after both kids it was always the last 10 pounds that just wouldn't go away and I just got used to having it around. The turning point was my 30th birthday looming in the not-too-distant future and seeing my kids start copying my bad eating habits (too much salt and snacking when bored). I made the decision to embark on a journey to health and happiness and have never looked back... I couldn't have done it without the support of Jessica and the USANA products. She kept me on track throughout the whole process with regular check-ups and I looked forward to meeting with her (even if sometimes my weeks had not gone as planned). It was not always easy as this program is aimed at changing your lifestyle and habits not just losing a few pounds but the outcome is definitely worth it. Not only did I lose 12 pounds, but I also feel great both inside and out, my energy levels are much higher and i've found muscles that i didn't know existed 🙂 The new slimmer and most importantly healthier me is ready to hit my 30's running with a new found energy and love of life!!" 

Yes! I'm ready to start, however I do not need VIP coaching and would like to be self-guided towards my health goals.​

That's great! We have the perfect program for here for the details of our 5 week EnerJ Challenge - click here for details