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Enjoy Healthy and Happy Holidays!!

With December comes more opportunities to party and celebrate. Many of our clients ask us, '' How can I fully enjoy these occasions without putting aside my health? ''

Here are some ideas that we hope will help you celebrate in a healthier way.

1- Eat a healthy snack BEFORE arriving to the party. You will arrive to the party without having an empty stomach and you can be more focused on fully enjoying your time with friends, family and colleagues.

2- You don't have to eat everything that's offered to you! If you ate a little bit before you got to the party, this will be an easier task and as a bonus, you will make better choices (raw vegetables and humus vs. potato chips)

3- Often, the starters are the best part of the meal.Opt for REAL food, you know, like raw vegetables or grilled shrimp, before you jump into the bowl of nachos soaked in orange liquid cheese.

4- Socialize more and nibble less.Again, if you eat a little before, it will be easy to be more present and thus enjoy the party and the wonderful encounters that you will make.

5- Keep track of your alcoholic beverages.Start with a non-alcoholic beverage, such as mineral water or "virgin ceasar", and avoid consuming alcohol on an empty stomach as this will trigger the cravings  for the foods that you are trying to avoid.

6- Stay active throughout the holidays.Invite your family, friends, etc. to take a walk around the block after dinner and keep some energy for an evening dancing to the rhythm of your favorite songs.
Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season and a 2018 year full of health and abundance in all that you desire!

Jessica and Bruno


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