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Healthy Summer Weight – 6 simple tips

1. Start your day the night before: Numerous scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep will slow down our metabolism and produce more fatty tissues in our body.

2. Have a nutritious, low glycemic breakfast to optimize your energy all morning: we have already talked about low glycemic foods and how they are very important during the first meal of the day. Opt for a good source of protein, such as a vegetable omelette.

3. Are you really hungry or thirsty? In our busy lifestyle, we tend to confuse thirst with hunger. It is important to drink Mother Nature’s beautiful creation; water to help our cells smile from the inside-out.  A good start, 1,5litre / day for a woman and 2 liter / day for a man

4. Do I have to run an Ultra marathon to have a healthy weight? The most recent studies on this subject tell us that it is important to be active on a daily basis at a moderate intensity and to opt for activities that will solicit your largest muscle groups to increase your energy expenditure. These same studies reveal that in order to reap the benefits,  it is important to have fun practicing these activities.

5. Large fluctuations in energy during the day also hinder your healthy weight: If you have unhealthy food cravings during the day or if you find it difficult to stay awake in the afternoon, in addition to the tips mentioned above, avoid waiting more than 2h30 to 3 hours between your meals and snacks. Choose low-glycemic snacks that contain a protein source such as nuts, humus with raw vegetables or a hard-boiled egg and medium sized fruit.

6.One of the greatest pleasures in life is eating: so why do so many people eat fast and do not take the time to savor their food. Taking the time to chew our food 10-15x before swallowing, could reduce our plate size up to 20% according to some studies.

Hope these tips will help you reach or maintain your healthy weight.

Jessica and Bruno

*Sources : Harvard School of Public Health 2018. University of Toronto, Nutrition Science Department 2016


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