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Heart Healthy

The human heart will beat on average 2.5 billion times during its lifetime. It will push millions of gallons of blood into every part of the body to deliver oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other molecules, as well as house several vital cells for life and help eliminate metabolic waste*1

When you think of the heavy workload that this organ has over such a long period of time, you will surely agree with us, that the heart is really extraordinary!

Unfortunately, it is not eternal (physical heart) and more and more people in Western countries are making poor lifestyle choices (unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, smoking, etc.) that can diminish the quality and quantity of services rendered by their hearts * 2.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your heart health and cardiovascular system * 3:

Nutrition: Opt for a Mediterranean inspired diet that will provide you with essential fats, minerals and antioxidants; all essential to good cardiovascular health.

Including vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins from vegetable and sea sources, as well as good fats that will provide you with nutrients that will make your heart smile, Stress Management: Every day, simplify your life by learning to say NO to superficial things that just cause stress. Practice an activity that will allow you to slow down, refocus and be mindful; such as meditation, deep breating, tai chi or yoga, Physical activity: Be active daily and choose activities that will stimulate your heart and your large muscle groups, Environmental Health: Eliminate toxins from your environment (cigarettes, smog, etc.) and spend quality time in nature,

Emotional Health: Practice gratitude and take the time to tell yourself and tell the important people in your life, I LOVE YOU.

Jessica et Bruno

Sources : Harvard School of Public Health *1 & *3, World Health Organization WHO *2


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