March – Nutrition Month Part 2 - EnerJ

March – Nutrition Month Part 2

In our Month of nutrition series, we would like to share a few interesting statistics from the Ricardo/Leger Marketing 2016 survey on the eating habits of Canadians untitled "How do you eat?" The survey was done during the Fall of 2015. We hope that you will enjoy reading a few interesting facts about how we perceive that daily activity and like us, you might even find them funny.

- 72% of Canadians eat breakfast everyday or almost. This means that 28% so over 1/4 of Canadians don't eat breakfast!

- 65% of the Canadian households plan their dinner on the day of.

- 79% said that they either watch tv, send text messages, spend time on social media or the Internet while eating.

- The meat eaters are in Alberta

- The environment conscious are in British Colombia

- The ones in a hurry are in Ontario

- The ones that like to save are in the Maritimes

- and the ones that enjoy spending more time a the dinner table and drink wine are from Quebec.

At EnerJ Optimal Health our best wishes for you is to help you eat well and simplify that daily human activity so you can enjoy a healthy life for many years to come.

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