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New Years Resolutions, to make or not to make…

The new year is upon us and we would like to wish you and your family a 2018 full of love, health, happiness and abundance in all that you desire.

Now let's talk about making new years resolutions...or not making them!  The new year is synonimous with making lists of all the things that you are unsatisfied with in your life and usually filled with unrealistic goals to make yourself feel better in the moment.  Now when you think about it...that dosen't sound very inspiring.  Let's do things different this year...

 Making resolutions work involves changing behaviors—and in order to change a behavior, you have to change your thinking (or "rewire" your brain).  Brain scientists such as Antonio Damasio and Joseph LeDoux have discovered, through the use of MRIs, that habitual behavior is created by thinking patterns that create neuralpathways and memories, which become the default basis for your behavior when you're faced with a choice or decision. Trying to change that default thinking by "not trying to do it," in effect just strengthens it. Change requires creating new neural pathways from new thinking.

If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your life, we suggest that you do this simple, yet powerful exercise.

Write out all the aspects of your life where you are unsatisfied. Then draw a line through each statement and write the positive version.

ex. Negative: I want to lose weight

New positive affirmation: I am so happy and grateful now that I am taking consistent and daily actions toward achieveing my healthy weight where I feel amazing about myself.

Here are some ideas:

-Healthy weight, optimal body image, how you want to feel inside and out.

-Perfect job, optimal job conditions, business outcomes.

-Ideal relationships with spouse, friends and family.

-All the fun activities that you would love to do.

Now write all your new, positive statements on a cue card or in your journal and read them to yourself or outloud every morning and evening or as often as you like.

This will help you focus your thinking on new behaviors and thought patterns to create new neural pathways in your brain to change habits.

"You will see it when you belive it"

Take small, consistent steps everyday towards your new empowered vision. Celebrate your success. Find an accountability buddy to help keep you on track.  Live more in the present moment and finally, don't take yourself so seriously. Have fun and laugh at yourself when you slip, but don't let the slip hold you back from working on the new empowered you.

You've got this!

Jessica & Bruno

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