Outdoor Fitness Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
Outdoor fitness

Combining - FITNESS , NATURE and FUN


EnerJ FIT offers year-round outdoor fitness classes that concentrate on improving our functional movement habits. You will move in new and unexpected ways through forest and trees, over rocks and hills and on all kinds of terrain while grounding your mind and body.

​Using nature’s equipment, we work on the muscles that stabilize the core targeting imbalances to improve posture. We use interval training and HIIT methods (high intensity interval training) to improve strength, stamina and performance. And, we incorporate full-body workouts using our own body weight and muscles to optimize our form and function for healthy movement.

Keep Your Fitness Level up year round with EnerJ FIT 

​EnerJ FIT is a diverse workout to help you optimize the way you move through life so you are always at your peak performance.

snowshoe fitness

You love winter and playing in the snow....then you will love EnerJ Snow FIT. A unique workout experience on snowshoes. We combine, cardio, muscle toning, balance work and outdoor fun in this 1h15 workout. It is a great way to stay in shape during the winter while playing in the snow. We climb mountains, do interval training, play in the powder, and sweat....a lot!

EnerJ Snow FIT: A Winter fitness program
you're going to love

Join one of our enerJetic groups and learn to love winter...or love it even more!

virtual fitness

You really want to train with us, however our schedule does not FIT into your busy week or you do not live in Mont-Tremblant....that's why we created enerj.fit

 your personal fitness program that you can do at home or in the outdoors or take with you wherever you may go – all on your own schedule. Use your tablet, computer or phone to watch the guided fitness videos.

EnerJ FIT: Your Virtual Gym

Perfect for...getting back into shape, getting stronger and faster for your favorite sports, taking your FIT to the next level, injury prevention, weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight and much more!