Spring into Shape with EnerJ!

Spring into Shape with more EnerJ!

10 things to do to help you Re-EnerJize yourself this Spring

1- Drink lots of purified water with fresh lemon juice for your digestive health

2- Get a good massage to activate your lymphatic system

3- Include curry to your food for its antioxydant benefits

4- have a Green smoothie with Kale & Spinach for a boost in minerals

5- Alternate between Sauna and cold water for increased blood circulation

6- include cabbage to your next meal for its diuretic benefits

7- Have some pineapple for a snack to increase your levels of maganese which helps for PMS symptoms

8- add some Chlorophylle to a glass of water to help cleanse your blood

9- Sign-up for a Hot Yoga class to sweat off the toxines in your body

10- Enjoy a Green tea sitting in the Sun during your lunch break​

Bonus tip: include probiotics and digestive enzymes to your daily diet to activate your digestive system

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Jessica & Bruno

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