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Shopping perimeter

Healthy food shopping simplified!

''If you don't buy food that is bad for you, you won't eat food that is bad for you''                        Wise words by Dr. Oz

His recipe for perfecting grocery store trips: Have a pre-shop snack ex. a handfull of nuts and dried fruit, a piece of fresh fruit and cheese 

Shop the perimeter: 

-Pile on the fruits and veggies; 7 servings of colorful veggies and 2 pieces of fresh fruit / day, organic when available 

-Hook fatty fish; look for fish high in omega 3 fatty acids and low in contaminants like mercury, such as wild salmon and ocean trout. Consume at least one 4-oz serving a week for maximum benefits. Or take a high quality Omega 3 supplement (Usana's Biomega fish oil capsules or Optomega seed and olive oil) - discuss with your coach

Center aisles:

-Visit the veggie freezer; better than no veggies at all, they can be cheaper than fresh veggies and still have some nutrients.

-Befriend the grain and bean aisle; look for high-fiber, nutrient rich beans and grains. They help to keep your digestive tract healthy and help you feel full longer.

Thanks Dr Oz

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