Jessica Humphries- Outdoor fitness and Healthy lifestyle coach

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Jessica Humphries Founder

I love moving and being in nature. I love exercising my body and the way it feels when I have a great workout. I need to feel good in my body. Those are some of the reasons I have designed my life and career around these themes. What we offer at EnerJ is for people who are ready to start loving the way they feel about themselves.

My approach to helping others reach their goals is by inspiring, teaching, training, motivating,and most importantly, keeping the process fun and challenging. I practice what I teach (most of the time) and I am living proof that if you want it badly enough you can do it! I want people to know that the quality of their health is their responsibility but they don’t have to do it alone.There is always help for those who want it.

I love to inspire and push my clients to reach their personal fitness, weight loss and lifestyle goals. My greatest reward is when the switch goes off and they get it! When my clients develop the mindset and core values to maintain an EnerJized and FIT lifestyle that keeps them happy, healthy and strong my work is done and everyone feels great!

Some of Jessica’s favorite pastimes are hiking, trail running, swimming, fitness, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, being in nature and travelling...
she freely admits to being an outdoor junkie!

Bruno Saint-Hilaire - Co-Founder

I am passionate about anything and everything that has to do with outdoor and competitive sports. I am always seeking ways to improve and maintain optimal health. This is why I studied sports medicine and nutritional medicine at the University level and this is how I quench my thirst for knowledge in the fields of preventive health and sports.

My professional objective is to ensure that the people I work with find the optimal health they never knew they could have so they get the most out of their lives. I particularly enjoy workingwith and inspiring the younger generation to play more and embrace an active lifestyle.My purpose is to share my deep well of knowledge to educate and empower people regardingtheir health. To provide them with the best tools to make the right choices to reach and maintain long term, vibrant health.

Bruno is an awesome Healthy Lifestyle coach! He get's results with his clientsSome of Bruno's favourite pastimes are road and mountain biking, trail running, white waterkayaking, swimming, back-country telemark and cross-country skiing, listening to music,reading inspirational biographies. He is also an outdoor junkie!!

EnerJ Ambassadors are health and education enthusiasts

We are a tight knit group of health-minded people focused on the care, support and service of our clients.

​We believe everyone can enjoy the 3 pillars of well being;

  • a healthy mind
  • a healthy body
  • a healthy spirit

​We encourage and motivate everyone who participates in our programs, regardless of their health and fitness level to strive for more.

​We all agree that when our clients reach their personal goals that is our greatest reward.

Live the Wellvolution!

We all know how good it is to develop healthy habits. What we eat, how we exercise, getting enough quality sleep and managing stress all play a role in the quality of life we have. At EnerJ we are so lucky to witness members of our fitness and wellness community make significant improvements in their physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

The only thing between you and the results you want is procrastination. Once you say YES to your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness you are living the Wellvolution!

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